Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Portable Heater

Nothing like following a heater on a winter ride, wonder if he is for hire???  

Speaking of "for hire"  mmmmmmm!

Dressed with no place to go, hell no, this is where the action is!  

Can barely hold back the excitement:)  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Now What??

I have been occupying my evening with this, Big D and I finished the season 2 final episode last night.  Time to figure out something to entertain two ADHD off season, so called, cyclist before we drive Michelle mad!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Phillips Tent!

Bored at work waiting for HVAC changes, so what better thing to do but look at nice houses in warmer climates!  I pick this one for Mikey P's tent on the Oregon lot!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Doing things right?

How come when you talk to or read about "pro" riders finally pulling the so called plug it is filled with things like this, are we really doing it right trying to live 'the life"

"During that period, I was able to spend more time with my wife, family, friends, and community than I have in my whole career. I really thought about and felt my life outside of cycling more than I ever have. I felt alive again. It has become clear how important some other things are to me and how much I’m missing," Duggan writes.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Retirement Planning

I think I just built one of the funnest bikes I have ever owned!!  Sorry for the blurry pic, but it was raining all weekend and my lens was fogged up:

I cannot wait to get this thing boxed up and headed out west!  Maybe a trip to Tuscon to visit the Matters again?  That is if Brian ever ends his season and stops racing!  

I did get it out for a bit this weekend to ride with Eric and Sam at Hartman Creek.  Nothing that will test the 5.5 inches of suspension, but lots of fun either way.  I did get to test the tires some.  The wet leaves and trail were no match for the 2.3 Butcher/Purgatory tire combo as Eric said every time I leaned it in the corner I left him a berm to use:)  Sweet!!

So I think this is my new go to bike for the all day fun "retirement" rides:)  

Also, why speaking of retirement.  This last trip to Bend had Michelle and I looking at property.  Not a  bad thing except for the fact we found one we really liked and closed on it last Friday!  It is now official, we own a small part of Bend, OR.  Phillips is already asking to put a tent on it, but pretty sure it is against the covenants in Tetherow.  Guess I better start planning the new home design!  Here are some views:

Yes, that is a golf course!  WTF?  No I do not golf and really have no intentions of learning.  Just liked the location to the trails. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the off season, that is unless you are park racing.  Blah!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Full Circle

So to say my year has been up and down would not even come close to telling the whole picture!  I had the early season highs of the NUE races which led me to being first overall in the NUE series for a bit, then the sickness.  One stupid little bug turned into about 14 weeks of just miserable, hardly able to ride, and failed attempts at racing.  So many things went through the head.. Including a fog that never seemed to lift and the thought of it being time to hang the bike up. My racing age will be 40 next year!  Although if you look at the results from this past weekends Sheboygan race, there are signs that say you can still be competitive at the local level since later 30 somethings held a lot of the top 10 spots.    

Now things have been getting better and I am almost back to norm.  Hopefully by Iceman??

Either way I have come full circle and have hit the youthful, despite my age, enjoyment that I had as I started to get into the sport.  The hours of cruising aimlessly on two wheels in search of whatever our heart desired or nothing at all.  Both are acceptable, but once you get off the bike, that perma-smile had better be there for the rest of the day.  Life is stressful enough to have your hobby add to it!  So why the weather is still nice here in Wisconsin be sure to get out on your bike and have the goal of doing nothing more than laying down some sweet skids on your local trails!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Went Naked!

Well this past week I fell off the grid and left all bikes behind to try and put this tick thing to rest and went to Bend Oregon anyways even though I would not be making the race. For the first time ever I made the list of riders NOT to watch:  It was really weird to finally make the call last minute and walk out the door without the bikes.  Hell, I even had them in the box already!  But with the way I had been felling bike riding has not really been much of an option anyway with most of my rides being replaced with naps.

Anyway it was a fun time.  We went out there and just became tourists!  It took some getting used to but after the first day of drinks and food something clicked, maybe my liver, and it was game on!  We watched a bit of bike racing on Saturday night with the Cascades Cycling Classic Crits happening downtown but that was it for bikes the entire week.  Well minus the coffee and watching the tour with Axel Mercks.  So what did we do?

We started with the Tour of Homes, finally found a house out there and I am still trying to convince Michelle it is where we belong :)

View from the Master Bedroom:

We did a visit to crater lake.  I was thinking that I have seen one Mountain Lake that I have seen them all, was I ever wrong!

Ate too many of these and drank to many of those for a non ride trip!  Oops, might take me longer to get back to non Clydesdale weight!

A hike up North Fork for awesome view of Tumalo Falls:

And even a sunset dinner at the top of Mt Bachelor.  Yup, looks just like Amherst!

So now we are back in Wisconsin and have started to get back on the bike again.  I really thought hard about it and was almost tempted to not bother, but I would miss the team and I think they would miss me?  So today was my first time doing a ride over 2 hrs long in almost 8 weeks and the other plus it did not require a mid ride nap!!  Progress??  Guess time will tell.

Thursday, July 4, 2013



Plus two laps of this:

Equals a little ring:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Stop buggn me..

So the last few weeks have had a lot of ups and downs.  First the ups.  I had a really successful spring run at the NUE races and actually found myself leading the overall for the first time ever.  I know it will not last as the usual fast guys start to get the right results in place, but I believe it will be good enough to hold onto a top 5 overall this year, which is a big accomplishment for me.  Here is the last published overall:

 Men's OpenWomen's OpenSingle SpeedMasters
1.Chris PearisoCheryl SornsonGerry PflugChris Irving
2.Lee SimrilBrenda SimrilScott GreenCharles Buki
3.Kevin CarterShannon TenwaldePatrick BlairDavid Jolin
4.Dan KotwickiKathleen HardingMike MontalbanoTerry Blanchet
5.Jesse KellyLinda ShinTrevor RockwellMark Drogalis
6.Jay ClickDenise CoppockCraig FleetwoodMonte Hewett
7.Jarom ThomasPriscilla BaltzPeat HenryAl Blanchard
8.Steven HechtSusan LynchJames PrenticeAlec Petro
9.Michael BonsbyJocelyn LinscottErnesto MarenchinJody Bailey
10.David MooreVicki BarclayDaniel RappRon Sanborn

Now for the downs.  Well I had to pull out of the NUE race out in New York due to fatigue and headaches.  I did not think anything of it with all the travel and everything else going on in life and just kept plugging along.   Then the following weekend I raced well at Rhinelander but was super tired leading up to and after the race.  So with the good legs I was excited for the Mohican 100 and things went pretty good there, once again minus the fatigue and the fact that I literally had to sit down during the race to take a break and could barely function after the race?? I was now sleeping more than I was awake and was in a downward spiral,  The trend continued and finally two weekends ago I ended up in the ER in Hayward.  They run the typical tests and come to find out I ended up with Erlichiosis.  I guess it is a tick bacteria and all I know is it gives you wicked headaches, fever, and makes you sleep like 20 hrs a day.  I am now on a good antibiotic regiment that I get to stick with for the next 3 weeks and Sunday was my 3rd ride in a period of 2 weeks.   Not to mention that my warm up routine consisted of only a nap!!  

Now the next downer, I leave tomorrow for Marathon National Championships in Idaho.  I have lowered my expectations and I now think my biggest goal is to not get severally sunburned while I am out there due to the antibiotics and the 95 degrees and sunny weather they have going on.  

On a plus note, I did have a lot of fun over the weekend hanging with the team and I got to ride with B Frazier at the WORS race! 

Friday, June 14, 2013


I know I owe some race updates, but still debating my 100 miler retirement after the Mohican 100! In the meantime this is good:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The slow one...

Find it so funny that I seem to get comments all the time that I have become slow and that is why I have moved to the 100 milers.  This weekends comment came directly from Don as I was about to get on the podium for 4th place overall just 45 seconds outside of the race win.  Maybe it is true, I am slow, or maybe it is the fact that there are other races out there that can offer a better product??  I myself am up to the new scene.  I am on my 13th season doing exactly the same courses over and over again in WORS.  You can argue that races have come and gone but you cannot argue that each venue has the exact same feel to it.  Not saying it is bad, but change is good.  Why is Brian Matter out at the Transylvania Epic right now?   Why are the USProXCT races almost extinct and all the 100 milers and stages races selling out in minutes when registration opens?  I feel it is because the Olympic format coming down from UCI is not what most riders want!  We want the travel to be less than the total time riding our bikes, we want to go out for an adventure for the day and forget our day jobs and the stress it brings!  Yes most of us have day jobs USA Cycling.

We also race cause it is a bond that holds most of our friend circles together.  That is the point of team Adventure 212.  We are all getting older, some have kids, some just enjoy life, but all of us love to ride bikes and hang out.  The race is nothing more than an excuse for us to get together and make fun of each other and our competitors.  Don once described the team as "The best Team money can buy."  I hate to inform him that he is absolutely incorrect, you can never buy a team that is as close knit as ours.  We are the benchmark for every team to follow.  Yes the team is spoiled and Michelle and I take care of them like they are our kids but we would have it no other way.  We want the team to travel together, eat together, stay together, etc... If you are not doing that then what is the point of a team??  Just to say you won the team category??  I cannot even tell you who placed in that last year!!  If that is your purpose then you do not have a team, you have created an organized buying group to annoy everyone in and out of the industry with your requests for cheap or free product!

So anyway, cheers to getting old and slow.  I welcome it cause I know that my team will always be there to offer some good laughs and fun for many years to come.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Title here....

Just whatever.  Been busy with about everything and enjoying most of it.  Especially Team 212 + Justin day at the Kettles on Sunday!!! Fun, fun, fun!  Here are some pics of the team from Cohutta.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cohutta Race Review

No car for me, but here is the MTBR write up, I will work on extending on my version later: